A Reflection of 2018

A Reflection of 2018

2018 was an interesting year for me and I suspect for others as well. I had a few interesting things happened in my life which I hope to forget in 2019. I’ve seen my portfolio take a hit, only to make a big rebound. I had friends move from Canada to the islands to pursue their dreams. I’ve met interesting people that will allow me to travel to other countries I’ve never traveled to before. What I’ve noticed is that we seem to have ups and downs that make us think we’re never going to overcome the situation that we are in. We fight with our family, with our friends and even with co-workers. As we age we start to realize what is important to us. And having arguments with your family, friends and co-workers are so draining and unproductive that we need to decide if its even worth it? When it comes to family do you turn the other cheek and try to make amends? Reach out to that friend, make the first move to break the ice that seems to form after an argument or disagreement? Then there is the work nemesis who is master of the passive aggressive campaign launched against you! How do you handle this situation? Do you confront, report this action to your superior or just leave? I am under the belief anywhere you go you’ll experience the same work dissatisfaction, unless you’re able to choose who you work with! I heard on the radio that people starting their own business are on the raise, is this raise because of work dissatisfaction? If you’re lucky perhaps you can leave the rat race and retire or semi retire early and decide the course of the rest of your life. As I mentioned before, a friend of mine realized that working at a high stressed job was not in the cards anymore so executed an exit plan that allowed my friend to live in the Caribbean and start a business there. A dream that I once had but pushed aside as I try to achieve one more step in this economic ladder of life. Perhaps I need to reflect and ask myself how much is enough?

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