Don’t Over Do Your “I Do”

Paula da Nova
Don’t Over Do Your “I Do”

This is wedding season and everyone either has their plans underway or they are planning to pop the question.  It’s an exciting time in one’s life and a huge step but not everyone has a huge budget when planning a wedding.   Some people even hold off for years to save for a big to-do.  This can cause a lot of stress in a couple’s relationship during, what is supposed to be, an exciting time together.  Some couples even break up over wedding planning due to costs, family interference and unreasonable expectations.  There are many options out there though and it’s a matter of prioritizing.

First, ask yourself why you are getting married?  Are you doing it because you want a huge, fairy tale wedding that will take 10 years to pay off or is it because you are in love and you have found someone that you want to share your life with?  Now don’t get me wrong.  If you have the funds for a huge celebration that will cost in the tens of thousands, go for it!  There is nothing wrong with that.  The issue is when you don’t have the funds and you are struggling to put on a production where no production is necessary.  There are great options out there.

Home weddings are some of my favourites.  I have performed over 6700 weddings since 2002 and some of the sweetest and most memorable ceremonies have been in people’s homes.  Now some people have them in their living rooms or back yards that get decked out with some of the best ideas they found on Pinterest and they enjoy a BBQ, drinks and music with their closest friends and family.  Others live in condos and take advantage of the party room in their building.  Most of these have kitchen facilities and all the furnishings your need for a celebration and some even have an outdoor space.  Both options are affordable, you don’t need to drag your suits and dresses anywhere or leave home for any reason.  You are also left with the memory of your ceremony and reception in your home.  That’s a beautiful thing.

Another great option is a small venue or park.  Toronto has a huge selection of gorgeous parks and you can find out about them on You do need to pay for a permit for most parks but it is way cheaper than a banquet hall.  This option allows you to have a great ceremony in the middle of nature, create a picnic or BBQ type banquet and just have a relaxing time.  The only red flag would be weather, you would have to plan for a rain alternative.  As for small venues, I need to highlight a hidden gem in our city, The Toronto wedding Chapel.  This little place in the Yonge and Eglinton area offers a variety of options for parties of up to 35 people.  They have a Simple Service for those that need an administrative ceremony or are only interested in the basics and they can provide a couple with the full banquet experience on a small scale.  More info can be found at  They are also an affordable and nicer option to City Hall.  They even have an in-house photographer! 

At the end of the day, there are many options for putting together a beautiful ceremony and reception without breaking the bank.  Your wedding should be a celebration and reflection of the love you have for each other.  It should leave you with the most beautiful memories and not the biggest of debts.  Whether that happens in your living room or at The Ritz should be irrelevant.  Love has no price tag and time waits for no one so don’t waste it on frivolity.  Most importantly, have fun!

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