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DCD Boutique was created by three friends from Montreal, Quebec – one of the style capitals of Canada. Fashion gives us inspiration with all the new colors chosen for the season. With amazing textures and fabrics, we realize how we take bits and pieces from the past and push it forward. The runway has inspired DCD Boutique to carry classics with a modern twist. Let’s discuss how you can wear these fashion finds from season to season.

Blue Flower Blossom Skirt
Vogue in the City

This beautiful skirt reminds me of the 1950’s Poodle Skirts and when women wore blouses that were sleeveless. We have reimaged the skirt for the modern-day woman using bold color palettes and prints. The modern way to wear this piece would be to wear it with a t-shirt…SHOCKING WE KNOW! But it is a great way to take this debonair skirt and give it an everyday feel. The blue flower blossom dress can be worn with tennis sneakers, like Keds or Converse, and a denim jacket thrown over it.

Neon Pleated Sleeve Top
Neon Envy Jeans

Neon is the Spring/Summer 2019 JAM! You will find neon in all patterns of clothing and accessories, which is VERY reminiscent of the mid-eighties. The popular neon colours coming back from the past are yellow, orange, green, and pink. Several great ways to wear this trend would be with denim, a polka dot print or if you are a truly bold spirit go HTT (head to toe) neon. It might seem scary, but just go for it! Try out accessories at first to slowly work up the courage to wear a neon coloured clothing items

Sleeveless Pants Set
Tropical Curve Romper


This Spring/Summer we will be seeing Sets and Rompers. It’s easy, breezy styling when you wear these items. Sets can be broken into two separate pieces and paired with skirts, jeans, shorts, and blazers. Rompers can be played up with the right type of strappy heel, wedges, and block heels. You can play down a Romper by adding flats or a tennis type shoe. Want to take the adventurous route? Do a ‘Dad Sneaker’ depending on the type of Romper style you wear.

These are my 2019 fashion picks so far. There is so much that inspired me from the runways and the MET Fashion Gala. The takeaway with finding your style is do not be afraid of trying something that you would not usually do.

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