Four Things Millionaires do that the Middle Class doesn’t.

Four Things Millionaires do that the Middle Class doesn’t.

You’ve seen the lifestyles of the rich and famous on TV, or maybe you work in their homes. Or their buildings fixing, organizing or advising in your area of expertise. You may be their gardener or cleaner. You may think, “how did they get here”? You may have your own idea of how they became wealthy.

You may have conflicting thoughts about “rich people”, as most call them, which may be the first impediment on your way to the dream of having it all.


The path to becoming a millionaire starts with your mindset. But how you follow through on those ideas matters just as much the mindset. You don’t only need to think like a millionaire, you also need to act like one.


In “The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class”, Keith Cameron Smith shares the insights he uncovered from spending two years working with and studying with the ultra-rich, including the actions and attitudes that distinguish them from the average person. Here are four ways to start acting like a millionaire, regardless of what’s in your bank account.


  1. Millionaires talk about ideas, not things


It’s not that cars, movies or other people that are interesting to wealthy individuals.  They tend to focus more on big ideas for the future than on the minutiae of what’s happening in the present.


“Millionaires are creative,” Smith says, “they spend time thinking about new ideas”.  While the middle class talk about cars and movies, millionaires own the cars, companies and produce the movies. They understand that “ideas are the most valuable asset in the world.”


“To become more successful, you must continually expand your mind,” Smith writes. “In a world where everything is changing fast, you would be wise to spend time thinking of new ways of doing things.”


  1. Millionaires take calculated risks


While the middle class are often content to stay in their lane, millionaires strive to move out of theirs. This has been the only motivating force at We have stayed focused on the direction we wanted to take the company despite the obstacles and challenge ahead. To put it simply, the middle class live in fear of risking too much, while millionaires know when to go for it. This happens because “millionaires overcome fear and the middle class submits to it,” Smith says.


“Millionaires overcome fear with knowledge,” he continues, “millionaires educate themselves before taking risks, and then they consider the consequences of failing.” As soon as our research confirmed our beliefs at we knew that there’s going to be distractions despite all the risks to the company taking it to a new height in 2018 and beyond.


Millionaires calculate the intensity of the risk versus the power of the reward. “If you can live with the worst thing that could happen and if the most likely thing to happen will get your closer to your goals, then go for it.” We did go through some dark days in the last five years and took some risk and faced some disappointments but our vision has never waned and our commitment never changed.


  1. Millionaires are generous


While middle class people often believe they can’t afford to give, rich people see generosity as a necessity. No matter how much of the apple you have, sharing makes it taste better. “Most millionaires believe in the law of sowing and reaping”, Smith says. “They see money as a seed. Millionaires know that if they are generous, they will receive more in return.”


This motto has been the foundation of our coaching program and a part of our community involvement and give back program. In the some religions, you are supposed to give back 10% of your income to charities who in turn give it to those in need. Numerous millionaires and billionaires have become philanthropists. In 2010, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates teamed up to form The Giving Pledge, an effort that encourages the ultra-rich to donate the majority of their wealth to good causes. More than 150 billionaires have signed on, including Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Elon Musk. “Not all millionaires are generous, but the happy ones are!” Smith writes.


  1. Millionaires cultivate multiple sources of income.


Having spent over 7 years as a Financial Advisor in Toronto, I have witnessed that the more sources of income you have, the more potential you have to rake in a big paychecks. Smith gives the example of a fisherman with one-line cast versus a fisherman with five lines. Who is going to catch more fish? Developing multiple streams of income, means letting go of a mindset that often holds the middle class back- the idea that you must do everything yourself, which “puts extreme limits on your financial potential”, Smith says. Once you have done your research and have your directions mapped out then you can delegate most of your work. “Millionaires have a different belief”, he writes. “They believe they can find someone who can do it, not only as well as they can, but even better!”


I am blessed at the Camel Company of Canada, to have surrounded myself with and an amazing team of people who are passionate about our mission. Smith emphasizes that creating sources of passive income is crucial to building wealth. That means putting in effort up front but eventually leaving more qualified people in charge so they can move on to the next income-generating project. Don’t try to be in charge of everything — that only leads to burnout. Once you know your team is as passionate about your cause as you are, then you can focus on bigger projects and ideas.


Millionaires focus on the big-picture aspects of a project without getting bogged down in the minute details. Again, this is a divergence from the middle-class mindset that you have to do everything yourself. “The middle class believes that if you attempt to build multiple sources of income, you will spread yourself too thin”, Smith explains.

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