Justin Trudeau and the Hypocrisy of Politics

Justin Trudeau and the Hypocrisy of Politics

So, it’s been a tough week for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But if you haven’t heard, there have been 3 incidents of the leader of Canada wearing Brown/Blackface in the past. The face of the Liberal Party (pun intended) was caught doing racist actions and it has now come to light. But what’s interesting is the reactions from both people who lean to the left and right are having on these issues, the issue of blackface and mistakes in the past.

First, a little history of my feelings toward Justin Trudeau. Simply put, he’s a jackass. He should have never become the leader of the Liberal Party, never become PM and now you can see why. If not for his last name, nice hair, and smile he would never have been put in this position to win. In fact, Justin Trudeau is clearly the definition of what is now coined “White Privilege” He grew up with wealth, did these disgraceful things in his younger years, but never had to take accountability for it. He dropped out of 2 Universities and became Prime Minister of Canada with little political experience. I’m in no way affiliated or supporting the Conservative Party, and in fact, I consider myself an independent. I tend to lean more towards the left than right so, this is not some vendetta against Trudeau based on his correct actions. I just want people to be honest with themselves on how they react to this blackface issue as opposed to other blackface public incidences.  

First things first, the history of “Blackface” is the use of theatrical makeup to represent a Black person, which was often used by non-Black people. White actors began wearing blackface in the 1800s to act out racist stereotypes and dehumanize Black Americans. Today, it’s used as caricature of Black people, by exaggerating the Black form and reinforcing racist perceptions. And our PM decided to carry this very action on more than one occasion. There are 3 occurrences that we know of, what would compel someone to dress up in brown or blackface? Is it because of his privileged sheltered life? We can’t pretend that Justin Trudeau isn’t what he is, no not a racist, but someone who is tone-deaf to such racism. What makes this worse is Trudeau drapes himself as the leader of social justice and feminism, but it seems that when we dig a little deeper it appears to be more of a marketing strategy than anything else.

Most Liberal supporters are trying to brush this off as something that was done a long time ago and this doesn’t represent who this person is now. But I find that these are the same people that are in the front of the line when someone does something offensive, whether or not it is current or in the past. There have been countless US politicians that have shady pasts when it comes to racial views or racist acts, and we always hold them accountable, that’s all I’m asking for here.

I was discussing this incident with a friend who happened to be a conservative and his first reaction was disgust and laughter. He couldn’t believe how hilarious this was, especially happening to Trudeau. He later said, if this happened to Andrew Scheer, he would have been buried and have no chance of winning the upcoming Canadian election. I had to agree with him. Mr. Scheer would have been hung out to dry and labeled a racist. But then I asked him a question, I was very interested in hearing his answer. “If Scheer had done this, would you still support him?” (take the challenge and ask your conservative friends and see their replies)

So now where do we go with this? I don’t see myself voting Conservative, Liberal or NDP based on the leadership or lack thereof. I think we as a nation can and should do better, in all aspects. What I will do is contact my local MP’s and decided based on what their value are and this will help in my decision on who I will support in the upcoming election.

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