Let your children see you loving your job!

Let your children see you loving your job!


I’m a mother of twin girls.  Bi-racial little women.   I want to equip them with everything they’ll need to be successful in life, and by success, I simply mean – BE HAPPY. So this tip I got a few weeks ago really hit home & I share it with you now in hopes that it will inspire you as well.

Recently, at an International Women’s Day event, a speaker said something simple that blew my mind away!   She said – as women, we need to make sure our children see us/mothers loving our jobs. To try & avoid framing our jobs as the thing that keeps us from enjoying life, or even worse, the thing that keeps us/adults away from them.

Say what?!   I tried to think back on my life… how many women did I know that loved their jobs?  As a child – 2.  As a teen – 0.  As an adult – too many to count!  I tried to do the same for men, and didn’t have much luck there either.   The adults that I grew up around hated working, they got up every day reluctantly to do something they despised.  Or that’s how I perceived it.

The ‘2’ from my childhood had a tremendous impact on my view of careers.  They made work seem fun & they were very independent.   As a teen, when I had to start making career choices, I didn’t always know what I wanted to be, but I knew I wanted to be like those two women – Tia Toña & Tia Rina.  The first being a receptionist who often said to me:  “we got to enjoy it all, because it’s all a blessing”.  The other worked in a pharmacy.  I’m still not sure what she did, but I only saw her on weekends.  She was the first out of the house in the morning the last to come home.  Never complained.  Always had a beautiful bright smile & was happy to tell us about the interesting characters that she met at the pharmacy. How she loved working there.

I hope we all let the next generation see how rewarding it is to go towork.  That those who work hard, also get to play hard.  That success can also be measured by simply being happy.

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