LinkedIn: Prospect And Win New Clients

Dee Boswell-Buck
LinkedIn: Prospect And Win New Clients

I love LinkedIn. People are very clear as to why they are on this platform. They are not there to be entertained. It’s all about business, seeking opportunities and collaboration. Being on LinkedIn has allowed me to strategically grow my company to another level by winning new business.

As a company that serves other businesses, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to use to fill my pipeline with new opportunities.

  • I can perform searches and prospect on LinkedIn
  • It is easy to find the right person to communicate with based on their business title

I like to refer to LinkedIn as a networking event that I attended where I didn’t have to get into my car, sit in traffic or pay for parking. I am able to initiate conversation via Direct Messages to the right people which leads to high paying clients.

With LinkedIn you are able to message prospects directly and make 1st degree connections. Once someone is a 1st degree connection on LinkedIn, you will also be able to email them directly.

Using LinkedIn is great way to generate leads and engage your connections with shared content, product and services. With the free LinkedIn account there is a limit as to how many invites you can send within a month. Also, your searches will not be saved.

Once someone has accepted your connection request then it is time to build a relationship by getting to know them a little bit better. LinkedIn is not about collecting connections. It’s about making connections that leads to dialogue offline. This is where you get to know your prospect and learn about their challenges. It is off of the platform where you are able to offer solutions and convert prospects to clients.

You can also get more eyes on your profession, by adding a LinkedIn Pages. You can upload PDFs or docs directly into your  company Page post, allowing you the opportunity to share brand stories that can be used to promote your brand overall. LinkedIn Pages lets you access stronger visual analytics that can be used to further understand your success on the platform.

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