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Every year, I look forward to what the new colours and trends for different special occasions will be. This year, I’m excited to see what our wedding trends for 2019 will be since people are being more adventurous about the concept of a wedding-look for their special day. Here are my personal favorites for the season.

Let’s start with colour trends: pinks, dusty rose, metal shades (sparkly eyeshade) and a berry colour.

Before with wedding looks, brides wanted a more natural, sultry beauty – browns, taupes, beige, and slighty pale pink look. Brides want definition in the eyes without drama and want to look like the best version of themselves.

Now the Trends

  • Blurry smoked out beauty – Bold smokey eye that is diffused to perfection
  • Sparkly eyes or Heavy metal – Not afraid of shimmer and glitter

Power Pout – Deep rich colours for lips like berry, reds going darker then barely lighter for their inner lip. For this look, exfoliate lips and moisturize because the best type of texture for the dark look you would choose is a matte colour to hold the dark colour for the day.

Statement Sheen

 This is about skin and having a glossy finish over matte texture. This is an interesting concept since you have the durability of matte with the light reflective gorgeous sheen on the skin.


This item is an absolute favorite of mine.  Lashes ground any look completely.  As Brides want their eyes to be the focal point, you can choose very natural to very bold lashes.  You want the Bride’s eyes to show up on her special day.

Those are some of the hot trends and my faves for the 2019 Wedding season.  Keep in mind makeup is about expression, fun and your own personal preference!  Whatever makes you feel your best!

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