Restaurant Review: Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen

Restaurant Review: Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen

I had a guest who was visiting from out of  town, he owns a very successful restaurant in Jamaica and we both like to check out other restaurants to see what the latest trends and of course eat delicious food. We use  this time to discuss world events and everything business. At this meeting we decided to check out Chubby’s Jamaican Restaurant. 

I first heard about this restaurant from an acquaintance, Micheal Lambie who desiged the decor. I didn’t know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised. First, we were greeted by a friendly energetic host that kindly told us that there were no tables available. I told her that “I tried to make reservation on your site but was unable to make reservation due to no availability”. We took our chances and still headed downtown.  Before the disappointment could set in (we already paid $20 each for parking) the lovely hostess offered us bar seating, which we happily accepted. We were guided upstairs and seated at the bar with our menus. The atmosphere was bright and actually had an island feel. After navigating my large frame on the stool seating, we were greeted by a beautiful bar host. My guest made a few inquiries about what drinks to try as we were a little put off by some of the ingredients in some of the drinks listed, for example the ‘My Blossom’ had egg whites. Once we voiced our concern, the bar host  gave us a sample and we were sold. The My Blossom was tangy with a nice finish to it, it actual had real edible flowers.


We also tried the ‘Everything Nice’, this drink has scotch bonnet pepper. It had just the right amount of spice to it.  I’ll be come back just for this drink!

While sitting at the bar and exploring the menu, we could not help but stare longingly at other people’s food as they came out. The person beside us, who was also unfortunate enough not get a table, ordered oxtail and ACKEE AND SALT FISH BITES.The bites were a work of art and  I immediately wanted to try it. We asked what he was having and he was happy to explain what he had ordered. He was just as excited about his order as we were by the presentation.

Our table was finally ready and we were excited to be seated at a proper table. The stools we sat on was super authentic but it was a killer on my legs, as they were falling asleep. After being seated, we were not approached for almost 10 minutes, as there was a large party behind us that was getting all the staffs’ attention. We had to stop the waitress catering to another table for assistance, which she was more than happy to give.  We finally got the attention from our server, which was nice and we explained  to him that we already placed our appetizer order with the other waitress. After some debating, we  settled on Curry Goat (the waiter’s favorite dish) and Jerk pork and pork belly for our main entrees. For appetizers, we ordered the Pepper shrimp and Jerk wings.

The appetizer came out first- the wings were spicy, tender and seasoned just right. The Pepper shrimp was hot, I mean super spicy, but I wouldn’t change a thing. My guest was a little surprised at the level of heat as his Jamaican guest complains about the heat level that was half of the level as these Pepper shrimp. Well, we didn’t leave any behind as we couldn’t get enough!

We finally got to the main course I enjoyed the pork belly more than the jerk pork. The jerk pork remind me of pork chop versus the traditional Jamaican style jerk pork. The side greens which was similar to Jamaican style Callaloo, were tasty and complemented the jerk pork dish. The curry goat was well seasoned and had plenty of sauce for the jasmine rice. It also had a side of mango chutney which was delish!

We finished this delicious meal with the RUM AND RAISIN BREAD PUDDING with a side of gelato- my guest originally had no intention of having any which was find with me. More for me, right? He couldn’t resisted and took a couple of scoops of the desert. he was glad he did. It was warm, not too sweet, which was his concern this was squashed after the first bite! The gelato was super smooth on the tongue and complimented the bread pudding nicely!

After the table was cleared, we continued our conversation about business and our conversation moved to the decor of the restaurant. The decor was pleasently designed by . The restaurant had two levels and a skylight to let the wonderful sun in. You can see both the old bones of the building and the newer contemporary steel structural beams of the converted house. We learned the kitchen was in the basement. I not only enjoyed the food, but really appreciated the restaurant design.

Chubby’s postcard

When we got the bill it was pinned by a mini clothespin and included a postcard with a recipe on it.

I would highly recommend this restaurant and I give Chubby’s Jamaican Restaurant 4.5/5 and look forward going back and trying all the other items on the menu.

We hope you enjoyed this review. We at the Live in the Six try different restaurants in the six. If you know of a restaurant old, new or up and coming tell us about it we would love to check it out and give it a review.

Courtney Francis

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