SUMMER 2018 MUST-HAVES! – Northern Response – July 2018

Many people know I’ve been a travelling machine for the past 22+ years with a Toronto-based marketing and direct response company (Northern Response), scouring the globe for new products, consumer trends and brand. Building some globally well-known household names, from ProactivTM, to the George ForemanTM Grills, Tae BoTM to P90xTM and UFC FitTM  the list goes on and on. So, for this season, I thought I’d share some of the BEST must-have products for summer lovin’. Island vacation? Glamping ? Pool Party? Staycation?  Whatever your plans are, I’ve got you covered.

Get in the right state of mind with these HOT PRODUCT PICKS that will make your warm weather dreams come true and keep you cool and on trend.

CORKCICLE CAN & BOTTLE COOZIE – a drink casing that has a removable and freezable cooling core – simply leave in the freezer until the gel is solid, remove, slip your drink in and relax with a cold drink all day long at home or on the go. There’s a whole line of items on to choose from.

CHILL CHEST – an As Seen on TV favourite of mine! It’s a collapsible cooler that can hold up to 60 cans and keeps them cold for 10 – 12 hours. Strong enough to hold 100 times its weight and weighs less than 2 lbs. Portable and waterproof – great for parties, tailgating at Wasaga Beach, camping, fishing, boating and more. When you’re not using it for partying, you can use it in your trunk for groceries or other uses. Check this product out on TV Showcase ( or Amazon.

Chill Chest

HANDY LUX LIGHTS – these are cordless, battery-operated, LED lights that the comes in a 4 pack with Yellow, Orange, Magenta, and Green!  Clear globe bulbs can be used or you can also purchase fun colored one separately.  This stylish LED lights are great for both inside and outdoor use. Made of tough, break-proof materials designed to light up anywhere from closets to gardens and garages to camp sites, Handy Lux gives off extremely bright yet energy saving lighting; no electricity needed. Look for solar versions of these also. Brought to you by Northern Response.

                              HANDY LUX LIGHTS

Speaking of SOLAR EVERYTHING? LUZPAC SOLAR BEACH BAG – Featured on Kickstarter and Gadget Flow, Luzpac definitely made an impact and spawned a trend with “charging panels” built into stylish totes and purses and backpacks. Catch some rays and use the power of the sun to top up your devices – there is a variety of options available for different styles and price points. These bags are both lightweight and splash water-resistant.

On the home front, TSC – The Shopping Channel has a CHEFS OUTDOOR 7-PIECE BBQ APRON AND UTENSIL set that will keep everything close at hand while grilling and chilling. The apron includes seven pieces- a slotted turner with built-in bottle opener, fork, tongs, oven mitt and salt and pepper shakers. It made from heavy gauge nylon with adjustable locking fastener and built-in storage pockets.

BLUETOOTH SHOWER/WATER RESISTANT SPEAKERS – if you don’t already own one, it’s time to jump on the band wagon. They are all usually shock proof, weather proof, dust proof and can be used to crank up the tunes outdoors or used as a speakerphone while you’re getting ready in the bathroom, shower or even chatting in your car / biking for those that don’t want a Bluetooth headset.  Detachable suction cups and a hanging hook offers you the convenience of attaching it anywhere. There are a number of options on the market ranging in price from $24.99 and up – Amazon’s bestseller is from Victsing.






Beach, please!!!  We’ve had some muggy hot summer days which we should not complain about given the winter we’ve had. The FAMILY POP UP TENT allows you the coverage you need, with speed!

This tent is incredibly easy to set up and take down. Most options have UV protection of 50+ and big windows, so you can safely stargaze in the evening or watch the sunrise – if you don’t have kids building sand castles or snacking inside.  At $69.99 and up – there are a variety of options from Genji Sports, Shade Shack and others – many can be ordered from Amazon online or select retailers like Canadian Tire.







When beach season is over, you can still take the pop up tent indoors or to the basement for fun all year!

CHILLMAX PILLOW by Northern Response and Amazon- naturally cooling gel pad with a multitude of uses –  on top or in your pillows, folded on tired shoulders, arms, legs, feet or for your pet to sit on and cool down. This amazing pilloe can also be placed under your laptop or iPAD.  It’s portable, just refrigerate before use – no need to add water or refill.










ZIPZICLE ICE POP MOLDS – Create your own popsicle paradise with these ice-pop pouches. Mix-up homemade popsicle recipes, like strawberry daiquiris for adults and blue raspberry for kids. Simply fill, zip, and freeze and you’re ready to go! Pro tip: Fill them with fresh fruit and coconut water for a refreshing post-workout treat! Check your local Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond.

Let’s not forget our pets! If you’re heading to the park on a hot summer day be sure to take a bowl for your four-legged bestie – the NUDOG COLLAPSIBLE SILICONE WATER BOWL is inexpensive and hooks right onto your purse or backpack. Lots of options on Amazon or Petsmart.

ULLA is a smart hydration reminder that attaches to your water bottle or any beverage – it flashes to remind you when to drink if you don’t hydrate enough.

HIDRATE SPARK is another option that glows to help you refill on time, every time. It also connects to an app on your phone to track your levels on the go.

Summer globe trotting ? If you’re travelling….the OMNIA TRAVEL ADAPTOR is tiny (most likely the world’s smallest adaptor) and has 100+ country compatibility with it’s slide/lock multiple-port technology. Joyus is a site we often look to, along with the Grommet and Mashable for trends like this. Can also be purchased on Amazon, of course.

The TRAVEL WALLET CLUTCH is great for organizing documents such as passports and boarding passes on the go, for yourself or the whole family! Comes in a range of colours and options. Check Aldo or Amazon for the style that’s appropriate for you. This is the epitome of organization porn.

From spills to thrills, Costco’s all purpose wipes or HUGGIES ONE & DONE WIPES offer a solution for everything messy or everything sanitary on the go. There are refillable options but make sure your beach bag, picnic basket or purse/clutch are fully loaded to deal with everything from a makeup, meltdown to toddlers who love to touch everything. You don’t need to have children to stock up on these lifesavers !

Hello Ladies ! To avoid melted runny makeup, invest in the BRUSH ON BLOCK or a MINERAL SUNSCREEN BRUSH.   Mineral sunscreen powder’s offers a broad spectrum SPF 30+ for a 3 for 1 purchase – foundation for coverage, powder to avoid shine and the SPF sunscreen built in! Sunscreen simplified a portable self-dispensing brush with an easy twist open feature and no messy white residue. Mineral Sunscreen brush is convenience, small and portable, can be worn over or under makeup; apply with ease throughout the day

Other great beauty items to add to your purse, to BEAT THE HEAT are brought to you by Rihanna at Sephora:

Now that you have the scoop on some hot product picks, stay cool and enjoy summer on point.  Happy Shopping!

Nicole Andani,
Vice President, International Sales & Marketing -
Global Brand Launches, Consultant, Writer, Speaker, Mentor
Northern Response International Ltd.


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