Teach Your Children Well

Teach Your Children Well


Like most of you, I have been reading and hearing countless reports of bullying and murder amongst young people.  This seems to be a daily occurrence on the news and people are asking why.  How can it be that these young people have no regard for human life or even for their own future, risking jail over a 60 second altercation.  In my opinion, something is going on in the home.  For example…

My 19 year old son, a 6 foot tall, 195 lb guy with long hair, a beard, a biker jacket and his mother’s “keep the hell away from me” stare was on the bus in East York.  He was heading to work as he does every weekend.  Across from him he began conversing with another guy like him except, the other guy was covered in tattoos and piercings.  As they carried on a conversation about the guy’s cool heavy metal t-shirt, two young boys that were about 10 years old proceeded to the area of the bus where they were.  One of the two kids approached my son and interrupted his conversation to ask him if he was a “trans” since he had long hair.  My son gave him a look, ignored him and proceeded with his conversation.  The kid continued to badger my son, a man twice his size, asking the same thing over and over and saying that he must be gay because he had long hair.  The tattooed man said, “Kid, are you crazy?  You don’t start a fight with someone much bigger than you.”  To which the kid responded by taking out a pack of sour gummies and throwing them one by one in my son’s face.  My son told him to stop but he continued while taunting him with homophobic slurs.  That led my son to stand up and, as the kid stood belly high to my son, he yelled “GET OFF THE BUS NOW!”  The bus driver stopped, opened the doors and the kid and his friend ran off the bus in a flash.  

A little kid attacked a big man, who was talking to another big man, unprovoked and without fear or thought of the consequence.  Lucky for him that he didn’t do that to someone with a knife or a gun, or to someone that waited until they got off the bus and followed them.   So I ask, what would make a child think that this is okay?  It was a natural reaction for him to approach a grown man and call him homophobic slurs and attack him.  Unless he was raised in an environment that promoted this hatred and behaviour, there would be no explanation as to why he would be so emboldened.  Somebody made him believe that he was right and that he had the right to attack anyone he deems to be like this.  That person or persons that have shown him how to be prejudice, how be hateful, how to harm others has put that child’s life in danger.  They have taught him to place himself in situations where he can end up injured or even dead due to his ignorance.  My point…

As parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, we have to set our personal stupidity aside and teach children to be good people.  If you’re a racist, homophobic, xenophobic or any other kind of prejudice, keep your hateful rhetoric to yourself.  Contain your critical commentaries and don’t tell your children that certain types of people are sinful or less than you.  Don’t say that certain people need to get their butts kicked or killed because of how they were born.  Your kids are sponges and you are their example.  If you teach them that certain people are bad and fill their minds with hate, and they turn around and act on that, leading them to have their life altered or ended, you will never forgive yourself.  If you can’t teach your children to love and treat all humans equally, at least teach them to respect people’s differences and to never attack anyone verbally or physically under any circumstance.  Let them know that they will say the wrong thing to the wrong person one day and what the consequences are.  Teaching them wrong or even not teaching them at all can be dangerous.  No one wants to lose a child, and no one should want to lose a child because of their negligent parenting.

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