The History of Black Beauty

The History of Black Beauty

We see beauty today for black women and women of diverse cultures has come a long way. We have a sea of color choices-  vibrant colors for eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes, to meet the masses because drugstore and luxury brands are now more open to other cultures  all with the end goal of collecting lots of coins. No matter what, the cosmetic industry is a business and the goal is to sell us more. My question lies in what happened in the past? How brands are catering to the masses.


Makeup applications can be dated back to ancient Egypt, there is also evidence in the bible that portrays makeup being used by women painting their eyelids and using waxes for lips. The different ingredients like Kohl, lead-based skin lightener, castor oil, olive oil, rose water, and frankincense are some of the ingredients in our products used even today.

In our distant past, there were no known brands because the people were using ingredients from the earth and what was available to them. They were creating what they needed to make them feel beautiful. Beauty was more self-controlled. Experimenting with what the earth has given was the norm. Now fast forward to the 1900s.


This era of time was very difficult for women of colour and the availability of beauty products for women of colour due to the fact that beauty was depicted as this:



Products produced at this time for women of color were powders and skin lightening products, even the pictures depicted at this time were a very one dimensional look for a diverse amount of women of that era.

The 1970s was a time of change in the makeup industry.

Fashion Fair, which started 1973, was one of the first black-owned companies in the world  We now have access to more choices for black beauty with these companies listed.

Black Opal

Shea Moisture

Ka’Oir Cosmetics


Black Up

Black Radiance

Magnolia Makeup

Sashe Cosmetics

Vault Cosmetics

Juvia’s Place

Fenty Beauty

So we come to our present day era of beauty and we have so much inspiration around us. We have young entrepreneurs getting their piece of the industry and starting up brands or collaborating with main stream brands to have a voice in the market. These are my top influencers of beauty.

Sonjdra Deluxe  Shayla

Nyma Tang  Jackie Aina

Rihanna  Lupita Nyong’o

There are so many more, and I’m proud that slowly but surely our #blackmagic is being recognized. Beauty is for all and no one should ever feel excluded. Beauty is fearless. Beauty comes from within and with colour and creativity that is what shines.

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