The Secret to Cooking Perfect Rice Revealed

Gifty Gyimah
The Secret to Cooking Perfect Rice Revealed


Rice is one of the most common food staples found in cuisine around the world. No matter what our cultural background, we’ve all had rice in one dish or another. As much as we like to eat it, many of us have trouble making it well. So much so that we rely on rice cookers, leaving us with plain rice as a result. Well take this opportunity to free yourself. The secret to fluffy and flavorful rice is finally revealed!

 Check out my video Oven-Baked Rice and follow along with step-by-step instruction.

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What’s the secret?

 The secret to cooking rice is to make it in the oven. That’s right. You’re probably shaking your head in confusion but trust me, this method works every time. Whether you’ve had issues with underdone, mushy or burnt-on-the-bottom rice, cooking it in the oven will fix that.

 Why it works

 The oven allows for indirect and even heat to surround the rice and cook it through. Unlike the stovetop, there is no direct heat element on the bottom of the pot, so your rice won’t burn on the bottom. This oven method is also great because you don’t have to constantly monitor the temperature as you would when cooking on the stove.

 Rice Cooking Tips

 Flavour boosting:

  • Try adding in some onions, herbs or your favorite seasoning while you cook the rice
  • Frying the rice before adding water opens up the rice kernel, allowing the flavours to absorb into it
  • Try substituting water with vegetable or chicken stock


No-fail Ratios:

  • White rice: 1 part rice, 1 1/2 parts water
  • Brown rice: 1 part rice, 2 parts water
  • Wild rice: 1 part rice, 2 1/2 parts water


If you don’t have the time or patience to measure, do it old-school. Dip your middle finger in the water until the tip of it touches the surface of the rice (make sure the rice is leveled). The water level should reach the first line on your finger.

 Once you’ve had a chance to watch the video and try the recipe, leave a comment below and let me know how it turned out.



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