Why You Should Advertise On Instagram

Why You Should Advertise On Instagram

Are you considering using Instagram for your small business? Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks, with over 800 million users. Selling is much easier on Instagram than on other social networks.

Instagram allows you to create well-rounded campaigns for users at all stages of your funnel, thus effectively building brand awareness and drive conversions at the same time. This means that you may want to consider Instagram advertising as a way to promote your products and services. The advanced targeting options, allow you to inexpensively reach users based on location, age, education level, marital status, and more.

And your competitors are there already.

How Does Instagram Advertising Work?
As a user scrolls through their Instagram feed, they will see sponsored posts in between their feed. The difference between a Sponsored post and a regular post is the word “Sponsored” on the top left.

A call to action banner is displayed at the bottom of the image, and you can choose between “Learn More,” “Shop Now,” “Sign Up,” and more. When one clicks on the banner, they are sent to the webpage designated for the ad.

Why you should advertise on Instagram
I promise you that Instagram is not just a fad or for young people. With over 800 million users and still growing, it is highly likely that your target audience is using the app. Here are some compelling reasons to consider advertising on Instagram:

High engagement: Because Instagram is strictly a photo sharing app, the platform is not as noisy in the news feed as Facebook. This will allow you to benefit from a much higher engagement with your posts.

Targeting capabilities: You can target your ads so they only show to users who mirror your current audience.

Tracking: You are able to measure data to help you understand if your ad campaign is working or not. It allows you to view how many people see, click and convert after seeing your ad all in one dashboard.

Types of Instagram ads
Instagram offers five ad formats:
• videos
• carousels
• canvas Story ads
• Story ads

You can create and edit your Instagram Ads in Facebook Ad Manager. This allows you to take advantage of Facebook’s wealth of user information for targeting your audience with laser precision.

To Hashtag Or Not To Hashtag?
While it is best practice to place hashtags on every single Instagram post they don’t necessarily belong on Instagram Ads. Hashtags on Instagram Ads tend to look slightly out of place. The ads look cleaner with simple, concise text.

Want great results from Instagram and Ads on Instagram, but your not sure how to start? Contact us at Boswell-Buck Creative and let’s chat about the amazing things that you can do!

What product or service do you provide? Will you be considering Instagram Ads to promote your brand?

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